Auction Procedures

Before You Bid

  1. Have you registered as a buyer?
  2. Is your deposit reflecting in the Auctioneer’s account?
  3. Are you compliant to the FICA legislation? 
  4. Did you take your bidding number?
  5. Make sure you have the commission plus 15% VAT over and above the purchase      price
  6. Do not hesitate to ask questions or advice
  7. Remember you are legally bound by your bid.


How To Bid

  1. Register as a bidder – it is compulsory.
  2. Address all queries, questions and requests for advise before the commencement of the auctions.
  3. Make eye contact with the auctioneer for him/her to acknowledge your bid.
  4. Call out your bid if necessary and attract the auctioneer’s and floor assistant’s attention.
  5. Remove yourself from the bidding by shaking your head “no” or saying “no” if the auctioneer turns your way
  6. Remember you are legally bound by your bid.

What Not To Do At An Auction

  1. Bid if you have no money to purchase or have not made proper financial arrangements to purchase.
  2. Bid if you are not registered as a bidder.
  3. Bid if you are not fully acquainted with or do not understand all the conditions of sale.
  4. Be intimidated by other bidders as they may be trying to put you off bidding.
  5. Be shy to ask questions.
  6. Hesitate or procrastinate when bidding because you may lose the deal.
  7. Lose your bidders card, if you do, report it immediately.